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Understand and properly apply the information on MSDSs.

Understanding an MSDS (bundle of 50)
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Product Description


An inexpensive and complete teaching tool for WHMIS and hazardous materials trainers.

This 4-page leaflet is designed to help employers, trainers and consultants involved in hazardous materials training. Understanding a MSDS is densely packed with explanations of each category of information found on an MSDS.


The document is organized under the headings of the 16-section international format MSDS, which is now used by more and more suppliers and employers and is acceptable under WHMIS and OSHA.

The document clarifies terminology such as TLVs, CAS numbers, LD50, synergism, and many other expressions commonly employed in chemical data sheets. It answers questions such as:

  • What constitutes short- or long-term exposure to a chemical?
  • What does the term "engineering controls" mean?
  • Why should one be aware of possible polymerization of a chemical?
  • What exactly is sensitization to a product?

Target Audience

This publication is ideal for :

  • WHMIS trainees
  • OSHA Hazard Communication trainees
  • people using MSDSs written in other formats

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Note: CCOHS also provides access to an extensive MSDS database on a subscription basis.

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